Monday, January 27, 2014

Taxi Service

So I'm in the Mommy line to throw the minions out of the car at school, Ky stands up and gives me a kiss, tells me she loves me (her usual routine) & Trey leans forward & kisses Bella & tells her that he loves her & is gonna miss her goofy butt (I'm feeling pretty special). Then he looks at me and says "Please don't die today Momma"... 

"Uh ok dude, I wasn't planning on it? I love you too?" -- then he says "No, I'm serious, I really wanna go to FL, and we can't get there ifyou're dead." So of course I'm feeling SUPER special now.... "Trey, hate to tell you this buddy, but if Mommy dies, you guys go to FL anyways, Tain (thats my mom) will fly here & get you guys and you'll go back to FL with her until Daddy can come there."

The turd looks at me and SMILES and says "Ok, well, I'll miss you, but do whatever you want then" and jumps out of the car. Kyleigh goes "Don't die, we won't get candy at gas stations on the road trip or see Ms. Trish & Ms. Allie if we have to take a plane. So you have to live just so you can drive us. Plus, Daddy will miss you." Then she jumps out of the car.

Special. I feel so special. I'm just a taxi service!

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