Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Steel my Heart

So our 11th wedding anniversary is next Thursday. Wow. Married 11 years already... feels like FOREVER. HAHA. Well, I guess that's normal since we started dating when I was only 14! I've spent over half my life with this big dork & I gotta say, I wouldn't change it. He's kinda grown on me.

So, the STEEL anniversary. I always get him something Superman or Star Wars, cause he's a dork and I'm goofy like that. We don't do the mushy sappy goo goo eyed anniversary gifts. So I started thinking, what can I get this guy steel... DUH. SUPERMAN! Man of Steel... and I ended up with...

It's awesome. He's always taking my coffee cups to work. I have a severe addiction to travel mugs lol. So now he will have his VERY OWN. My man of steel LOL and it's dishwasher safe haha perfect for his uber laziness.

So, it's nothing fancy, but it's damn near perfect for Wayne. Then I get to thinking it just needs something a little more to make it better... and it hits me! He had this 2 in 1 pen/pencil combo he LOVED but he lost it at work (pretty sure one of his soldiers 5 finger discounted it) and supply can't order anymore of them. He was super upset he lost it. He's been looking for them every time we go to a store and can never find them.

Well, I found them! Cause, yeah, I'm amazing! 12pack on amazon. I got them for... a STEEL. Yeah, I know, wrong spelling, but hey, work with me! It's my theme. So there ya have it. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Think outside the box & be a little goofy. That's how I do it & it works for me. I'm pretty sure he's going to be happy with it. Plus, I get my coffee cup back and he will have 12 of his own combo pen/pencils for work! Win for both of us! I can't wait to give it to him!!

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