Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On my mind....

I hate winter. I really really HATE winter. Yesterday it started snowing again. Which, was to be expected. It had snowed 5 days before then freakishly gotten up too 60° then down to then teens. Colorado has very bipolar weather. Well, as luck would have it, I slipped on ice. Of course! Twice. Within 5mins. Wrenched my back, hurt my hip, hit my head and flared my sciatica. I'm doing swell!

So I come home, curse winter, take my flexeril & tylenol and within 2 hours I'm so violently sick I think I'm dying.

I caught the stomach virus that's going around. Yay me! Not sure if you've ever tried to violently throw up when every bone and muscle in your body already hurts but I do NOT recommend it. Especially when you've had nothing in your stomach that day but coffee and diet Pepsi... throwing up after a gastric bypass is that much more painful.

So, I couldn't sleep, couldn't even hold down water and I'm running a steady fever of 102 while it's snowing. I locked myself in quarantine & Wayne was on kid duty.

By 3am I was finally able to hold down enough water to take some nausea meds. Still wanted to die though. Wayne brought me some ginger ale back after taking the kids to school and 3hrs later, I have finally finished my first can. Its staying down so far. Ugh.

Wayne's at a PT test right now. He goes to the promotion board in 2 days. I think I'm more nervous than he is about it.

We've got 23 days until we move. Kids are excited. I'm excited. There's no snow in Tampa.

We should get the keys to the apartment in 17days. Now, I just have to get unsick, not die on ice & finish packing.

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