Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dead Cow

So after I pick my minions up from school today, they inform me that they need to wear blue & orange to support the Bronco's on Friday. Ok, whatever. We have the colors, they just happen to say FLORIDA GATORS on it... so not wanting them to stand out like sore thumbs, we run to Target. Find them orange t-shirts. Short sleeves, it works, they have blue long sleeves they can wear underneath & since we're supposed to get another 4 inches of snow... perfect!

Now, we've spent this time t-shirt hunting, I haven't even started dinner. Crap! Well, tomorrow Daddy-o has his promotion board, so he's stressing, I'm not about to be like "yo, cook something!" so I have to run to the store because HAHA everything we have is sitting in the deep freezer. Nice. Off to the grocery store...

On the way the minions & I decide Daddy-o needs steak! Nothing like a big fat juicy slab of dead cow to calm the nerves right? They're pretty excited because they know its his favorite meal (and they of course want cereal & each got to pick their own box - why not, it shut them up!). We get to the store, grab the cereal, the veggies for the salad, milk, a loaf of french bread & head to the meat section.

"Alright guys, what kind of dead cow does Daddy-o want?" I asked them. My daughter says "BIG DEAD COW!" and my son says "Dead cow with a bone, Daddy-o loves chewing on dead cow bones!"

This lady looks at us and says "My god! Do you HAVE to call it DEAD COW?! How disgusting!" I just looked at her and started laughing. I mean, its dead cow, shrink wrapped! I was laughing! My son, oh my son, is definitely my son... he says "But it IS dead cow, you wouldn't be at a grocery store buying an alive cow to eat for dinner would you, that'd be disgusting!" So my daughter chimes in with "Yeah, that's just weird!" .... all I could say was "Moo".

We ended up getting T-bones. I think Daddy-o will be ok with that.

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