Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Talking to dogs

I got in the shower at 6am so no one would bother me. 

Ha. For some reason my boxer decided it would be a fantastic idea to act like a toddler and keep joining me halfway in & out of the curtain. When I finally got out, she wanted to play tug of war with my towel. I woke the minions & she circled like a shark.

I took her outside & she threw a snowball at me. Dog, you've known me for almost 4yrs, I'm not a morning person. Stop the happy before the coffee.

I get ice out of the freezer & Bella does the happy dance & I'm all "not for you Bella"... I put it in my cup, pour my drink & go to walk away & she knocks it out of my hand & looks at me like "not for you either" I swear she even started laughing. 
In the mean time, Hazel, my american bulldog, is just staring at me like "I told you she was an crazy" ... I know Haze, but she fits in so well.

It's gonna be one of those days huh? I'm talking to dogs. 

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