Thursday, January 23, 2014


So I have a pretty awesome Boxer. I know, everyone thinks their dog is better than everyone else's dog.

I'm serious though. Does your dog wake you up in the morning and walk you to your coffee? I didn't think so. Bella, she just knows. Doesn't matter what, she knows things. She's definitely MY dog.

She's like a shadow, constantly following me. I can't even go to the bathroom with out her. I take a shower and she's right there waiting for me to come out. If I leave the house, she looks at me like "why did you leave me?" then goes insane with puppy kisses and love when I come back. Sure, most boxers are like that. Bella, she's something else.

She always knows just what I need. If I'm sad, she lays on me. When I'm cold, she will lay on what ever part of me is freezing, especially my feet. If I'm not feeling well, she knows and will just lay with me. If I'm in a bad mood she will no doubt be a goof ball to distract me and make me laugh.

No joke, this dog can blow raspberries. She high fives. She dances and gives hugs. She's definitely one cool pooch. She will let you dress her up in clothes, a hat and glasses. You can paint her nails. You can play fetch with her for hours... I can tell you no matter how tired she seems she cannot resist a tennis ball being thrown and nothing is funnier than watching a dog chase a ball on hardwood floors!

She's my therapy dog. She's good for me. In times of stress, happiness, anger & sadness she's what I need. Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend. I'm pretty sure that accurate. Bella's definitely one of my best friends. She's 60lbs of goofy, brindle, under bite & slobber. She acts like a cat. Moos like a cow, clucks like a chicken & will only bark if you tell her she can -- I'm serious, you have to ask her too and then tell her she has to use an outside voice because she doesn't like barking because it scares her! She's a weirdo.

I love my pup. Even if she does like to act like a wedgie by riding up my butt all the time. She might hog half a king size bed & snore just as loud as my husband. She might get a little jealous when I pay more attention to the book I'm reading but all she asks for is love & the occasional slice of cheese. I can do that.

Bella's pretty much amazing. Now, if she only had thumbs....

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hopefully not homeless?

So on Monday, we went to an apartment that was 3br almost 1200sq ft. PERFECT! Its huge and has an in unit laundry room. Only 15mins away from our current house. Not bad travel time for Wayne to get to work.

Only problem? Someone had JUST put in an application the day before! Damn! So we kept on looking. Finally, we narrowed it down. We settled on a 2br that would make do. We'd only do a 6mo lease and I'd keep an eye out for something better from FL in case he reenlisted and I came back to CO. We filled out the application and I put it up.

Tuesday, Wayne started Night Ops, didn't have a chance to take the ap in, so off to work he went. Then we got a call from the 3br complex. The application from the other people fell through, we needed to come in and put ours in! YES!!! This morning, we were at the apartment office right at 9 when it opened! Super excited!!

Jennifer, the complex manager was so happy we came in! She told us she actually had a wait list for that apartment but hadn't called anyone else to come in to fill out the application and had gone through her caller ID to get our phone number. She'd told us on Monday to call back today & check to see if it'd be available, but since they'd started a wait list, didn't want to wait for us to call since she knew we liked the apartment so much. Plus, she said she really liked us and our kids! She wanted us in the complex! As soon as she saw us waiting at her office she said "I am so so happy you guys are here! 108 is going to be perfect for you! I can't wait!!" Seriously, this apartment is way bigger than the box we lived in the 2yrs we were in Germany!! And, Bella will be allowed & so will Hazel until we get a rescue to take her! HUGE!!!

Even better than having our own laundry room and not paying for laundry? It has a pool and fitness room. Even better than that? The rent is super low, its a secured complex AND since its a 3br we don't need a uhaul storage room while I'm in FL! The rent difference is the same as the uhaul room + a 2br apt rent. So we'll still be saving a ton of money from moving off post even after utilities! They're putting in new carpet in the apartment tomorrow morning and Jennifer told me to come by around noon so I could see it. I'm super stoked.

She's even letting us have the keys on Feb 15th.... and waiving the Feb rent!! We don't have to pay anything till March except the deposit! FREAKING AWESOME! Now, this is all assuming Wayne passes the background check. Haha. We hear back on Friday from that. Now, I'm not worried of course. He has a secret security clearance from the Army, so that's not an issue and we've never been evicted from anywhere. We just have to wait till Friday for all the paperwork to go through. I'm just glad to know he won't be homeless!

In the mean time, we turned in our notice for this house. Our lease is up and I'm glad to say I'm leaving this place. I hate this post. I got the power of attorney papers I will need in FL and found a hotel that will let me stay w/Bella in MO. Pretty cheap military rates so I'm gonna book 2 double rooms & have Trish come stay with her kiddos too for a mini vacay since it has an indoor pool. No sense in 6 kiddos destroying her house when we can tear up a hotel right?

February 15th get apt keys. February 18th Wayne goes on leave. February 21st leave Colorado. February 23rd arrive in Florida. February 28th Wayne clears post housing. We can do this. It's just a bit crazy!

My Minions

My kids are crazy. No, really. I promise.

Trey, he's definitely his own person. He loves science, reading (he cannot leave the house with out a book), math & history. He's pretty much both of his parents when it comes to learning. The math part though, I'm putting all of that on my CPA mother in law. Yeah, Wayne & I are both good at math, but honestly, I hate it. Wayne uses it daily at work, he's a mechanic, so he has too. Trey though, he does it for fun. Yeah, that's coming for his account grandmother. The kid practically sees sounds though. He just goes at a constant 105mph. Never stops. He's such an introvert it kills me. He keeps to himself. His best friend is 4. He'd rather play with smaller kids because older kids just annoy him. He really is my little nerd ball. As much as he loves science, he's terrified of bugs. Which of course, cracks me up. He sees a spider? You can bet he's going to call his little sister over to squish it and throw it away. No way is he going to touch it. Or, you can trap it under a cup for him, THEN he will study it. He will spend hours on google researching to find out all he can about that certain spider or type or bug.... but don't you dare ask him to touch it! Oh Trey. You're an odd duck.

Kyleigh, she's the loud one. Always looking like she just fell out of a clown's closet. Dressed in bright colors, never matching and talking as loud as her volume goes. Definitely gets that from her mom. I'm proud. She loves school but she's so lazy! That comes from both parents. She loves to climb on everything. We tell her all the time shes a monkey, even went as far as convincing her she was really born a monkey and we adopted her from the zoo. Seriously. BEST.CONVERSATION.EVER. She knows now we were joking, but she still goes along with it. She loves everything girly. Make up, ear rings, dresses. However, she won't hesitate to jump out of a tree, into a mud puddle & then wrestle you to the ground and give you a wedgie. She's the exact same size as her brother and fears only one thing... the "daddy is mad" voice.

They are each so different from each other. It amazes me how much 2 kids raised with the same parents and the same rules can be such opposites. It makes me so happy they each found ways to express themselves. Of course, me being the "question everything & raise hell" person I am, want my kids to do the same and boy do they!! They are both so curious about everything and not afraid to ask why things are the way they are. Why rules are this way or that way. Why certain things are considered "normal". I'm so proud of them.

Sure, they drive us crazy. Of course they do. They're kids. They are both so smart, so full of curiosity and energy. They have the spunk, sarcasm and sense of humor that both of their parents do. They also have their own unique qualities that make them different and special. They're my minions and I wouldn't change a thing about them.