Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dead Cow

So after I pick my minions up from school today, they inform me that they need to wear blue & orange to support the Bronco's on Friday. Ok, whatever. We have the colors, they just happen to say FLORIDA GATORS on it... so not wanting them to stand out like sore thumbs, we run to Target. Find them orange t-shirts. Short sleeves, it works, they have blue long sleeves they can wear underneath & since we're supposed to get another 4 inches of snow... perfect!

Now, we've spent this time t-shirt hunting, I haven't even started dinner. Crap! Well, tomorrow Daddy-o has his promotion board, so he's stressing, I'm not about to be like "yo, cook something!" so I have to run to the store because HAHA everything we have is sitting in the deep freezer. Nice. Off to the grocery store...

On the way the minions & I decide Daddy-o needs steak! Nothing like a big fat juicy slab of dead cow to calm the nerves right? They're pretty excited because they know its his favorite meal (and they of course want cereal & each got to pick their own box - why not, it shut them up!). We get to the store, grab the cereal, the veggies for the salad, milk, a loaf of french bread & head to the meat section.

"Alright guys, what kind of dead cow does Daddy-o want?" I asked them. My daughter says "BIG DEAD COW!" and my son says "Dead cow with a bone, Daddy-o loves chewing on dead cow bones!"

This lady looks at us and says "My god! Do you HAVE to call it DEAD COW?! How disgusting!" I just looked at her and started laughing. I mean, its dead cow, shrink wrapped! I was laughing! My son, oh my son, is definitely my son... he says "But it IS dead cow, you wouldn't be at a grocery store buying an alive cow to eat for dinner would you, that'd be disgusting!" So my daughter chimes in with "Yeah, that's just weird!" .... all I could say was "Moo".

We ended up getting T-bones. I think Daddy-o will be ok with that.

Talking to dogs

I got in the shower at 6am so no one would bother me. 

Ha. For some reason my boxer decided it would be a fantastic idea to act like a toddler and keep joining me halfway in & out of the curtain. When I finally got out, she wanted to play tug of war with my towel. I woke the minions & she circled like a shark.

I took her outside & she threw a snowball at me. Dog, you've known me for almost 4yrs, I'm not a morning person. Stop the happy before the coffee.

I get ice out of the freezer & Bella does the happy dance & I'm all "not for you Bella"... I put it in my cup, pour my drink & go to walk away & she knocks it out of my hand & looks at me like "not for you either" I swear she even started laughing. 
In the mean time, Hazel, my american bulldog, is just staring at me like "I told you she was an crazy" ... I know Haze, but she fits in so well.

It's gonna be one of those days huh? I'm talking to dogs. 

Steel my Heart

So our 11th wedding anniversary is next Thursday. Wow. Married 11 years already... feels like FOREVER. HAHA. Well, I guess that's normal since we started dating when I was only 14! I've spent over half my life with this big dork & I gotta say, I wouldn't change it. He's kinda grown on me.

So, the STEEL anniversary. I always get him something Superman or Star Wars, cause he's a dork and I'm goofy like that. We don't do the mushy sappy goo goo eyed anniversary gifts. So I started thinking, what can I get this guy steel... DUH. SUPERMAN! Man of Steel... and I ended up with...

It's awesome. He's always taking my coffee cups to work. I have a severe addiction to travel mugs lol. So now he will have his VERY OWN. My man of steel LOL and it's dishwasher safe haha perfect for his uber laziness.

So, it's nothing fancy, but it's damn near perfect for Wayne. Then I get to thinking it just needs something a little more to make it better... and it hits me! He had this 2 in 1 pen/pencil combo he LOVED but he lost it at work (pretty sure one of his soldiers 5 finger discounted it) and supply can't order anymore of them. He was super upset he lost it. He's been looking for them every time we go to a store and can never find them.

Well, I found them! Cause, yeah, I'm amazing! 12pack on amazon. I got them for... a STEEL. Yeah, I know, wrong spelling, but hey, work with me! It's my theme. So there ya have it. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Think outside the box & be a little goofy. That's how I do it & it works for me. I'm pretty sure he's going to be happy with it. Plus, I get my coffee cup back and he will have 12 of his own combo pen/pencils for work! Win for both of us! I can't wait to give it to him!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On my mind....

I hate winter. I really really HATE winter. Yesterday it started snowing again. Which, was to be expected. It had snowed 5 days before then freakishly gotten up too 60° then down to then teens. Colorado has very bipolar weather. Well, as luck would have it, I slipped on ice. Of course! Twice. Within 5mins. Wrenched my back, hurt my hip, hit my head and flared my sciatica. I'm doing swell!

So I come home, curse winter, take my flexeril & tylenol and within 2 hours I'm so violently sick I think I'm dying.

I caught the stomach virus that's going around. Yay me! Not sure if you've ever tried to violently throw up when every bone and muscle in your body already hurts but I do NOT recommend it. Especially when you've had nothing in your stomach that day but coffee and diet Pepsi... throwing up after a gastric bypass is that much more painful.

So, I couldn't sleep, couldn't even hold down water and I'm running a steady fever of 102 while it's snowing. I locked myself in quarantine & Wayne was on kid duty.

By 3am I was finally able to hold down enough water to take some nausea meds. Still wanted to die though. Wayne brought me some ginger ale back after taking the kids to school and 3hrs later, I have finally finished my first can. Its staying down so far. Ugh.

Wayne's at a PT test right now. He goes to the promotion board in 2 days. I think I'm more nervous than he is about it.

We've got 23 days until we move. Kids are excited. I'm excited. There's no snow in Tampa.

We should get the keys to the apartment in 17days. Now, I just have to get unsick, not die on ice & finish packing.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Taxi Service

So I'm in the Mommy line to throw the minions out of the car at school, Ky stands up and gives me a kiss, tells me she loves me (her usual routine) & Trey leans forward & kisses Bella & tells her that he loves her & is gonna miss her goofy butt (I'm feeling pretty special). Then he looks at me and says "Please don't die today Momma"... 

"Uh ok dude, I wasn't planning on it? I love you too?" -- then he says "No, I'm serious, I really wanna go to FL, and we can't get there ifyou're dead." So of course I'm feeling SUPER special now.... "Trey, hate to tell you this buddy, but if Mommy dies, you guys go to FL anyways, Tain (thats my mom) will fly here & get you guys and you'll go back to FL with her until Daddy can come there."

The turd looks at me and SMILES and says "Ok, well, I'll miss you, but do whatever you want then" and jumps out of the car. Kyleigh goes "Don't die, we won't get candy at gas stations on the road trip or see Ms. Trish & Ms. Allie if we have to take a plane. So you have to live just so you can drive us. Plus, Daddy will miss you." Then she jumps out of the car.

Special. I feel so special. I'm just a taxi service!