Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hopefully not homeless?

So on Monday, we went to an apartment that was 3br almost 1200sq ft. PERFECT! Its huge and has an in unit laundry room. Only 15mins away from our current house. Not bad travel time for Wayne to get to work.

Only problem? Someone had JUST put in an application the day before! Damn! So we kept on looking. Finally, we narrowed it down. We settled on a 2br that would make do. We'd only do a 6mo lease and I'd keep an eye out for something better from FL in case he reenlisted and I came back to CO. We filled out the application and I put it up.

Tuesday, Wayne started Night Ops, didn't have a chance to take the ap in, so off to work he went. Then we got a call from the 3br complex. The application from the other people fell through, we needed to come in and put ours in! YES!!! This morning, we were at the apartment office right at 9 when it opened! Super excited!!

Jennifer, the complex manager was so happy we came in! She told us she actually had a wait list for that apartment but hadn't called anyone else to come in to fill out the application and had gone through her caller ID to get our phone number. She'd told us on Monday to call back today & check to see if it'd be available, but since they'd started a wait list, didn't want to wait for us to call since she knew we liked the apartment so much. Plus, she said she really liked us and our kids! She wanted us in the complex! As soon as she saw us waiting at her office she said "I am so so happy you guys are here! 108 is going to be perfect for you! I can't wait!!" Seriously, this apartment is way bigger than the box we lived in the 2yrs we were in Germany!! And, Bella will be allowed & so will Hazel until we get a rescue to take her! HUGE!!!

Even better than having our own laundry room and not paying for laundry? It has a pool and fitness room. Even better than that? The rent is super low, its a secured complex AND since its a 3br we don't need a uhaul storage room while I'm in FL! The rent difference is the same as the uhaul room + a 2br apt rent. So we'll still be saving a ton of money from moving off post even after utilities! They're putting in new carpet in the apartment tomorrow morning and Jennifer told me to come by around noon so I could see it. I'm super stoked.

She's even letting us have the keys on Feb 15th.... and waiving the Feb rent!! We don't have to pay anything till March except the deposit! FREAKING AWESOME! Now, this is all assuming Wayne passes the background check. Haha. We hear back on Friday from that. Now, I'm not worried of course. He has a secret security clearance from the Army, so that's not an issue and we've never been evicted from anywhere. We just have to wait till Friday for all the paperwork to go through. I'm just glad to know he won't be homeless!

In the mean time, we turned in our notice for this house. Our lease is up and I'm glad to say I'm leaving this place. I hate this post. I got the power of attorney papers I will need in FL and found a hotel that will let me stay w/Bella in MO. Pretty cheap military rates so I'm gonna book 2 double rooms & have Trish come stay with her kiddos too for a mini vacay since it has an indoor pool. No sense in 6 kiddos destroying her house when we can tear up a hotel right?

February 15th get apt keys. February 18th Wayne goes on leave. February 21st leave Colorado. February 23rd arrive in Florida. February 28th Wayne clears post housing. We can do this. It's just a bit crazy!

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