Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Minions

My kids are crazy. No, really. I promise.

Trey, he's definitely his own person. He loves science, reading (he cannot leave the house with out a book), math & history. He's pretty much both of his parents when it comes to learning. The math part though, I'm putting all of that on my CPA mother in law. Yeah, Wayne & I are both good at math, but honestly, I hate it. Wayne uses it daily at work, he's a mechanic, so he has too. Trey though, he does it for fun. Yeah, that's coming for his account grandmother. The kid practically sees sounds though. He just goes at a constant 105mph. Never stops. He's such an introvert it kills me. He keeps to himself. His best friend is 4. He'd rather play with smaller kids because older kids just annoy him. He really is my little nerd ball. As much as he loves science, he's terrified of bugs. Which of course, cracks me up. He sees a spider? You can bet he's going to call his little sister over to squish it and throw it away. No way is he going to touch it. Or, you can trap it under a cup for him, THEN he will study it. He will spend hours on google researching to find out all he can about that certain spider or type or bug.... but don't you dare ask him to touch it! Oh Trey. You're an odd duck.

Kyleigh, she's the loud one. Always looking like she just fell out of a clown's closet. Dressed in bright colors, never matching and talking as loud as her volume goes. Definitely gets that from her mom. I'm proud. She loves school but she's so lazy! That comes from both parents. She loves to climb on everything. We tell her all the time shes a monkey, even went as far as convincing her she was really born a monkey and we adopted her from the zoo. Seriously. BEST.CONVERSATION.EVER. She knows now we were joking, but she still goes along with it. She loves everything girly. Make up, ear rings, dresses. However, she won't hesitate to jump out of a tree, into a mud puddle & then wrestle you to the ground and give you a wedgie. She's the exact same size as her brother and fears only one thing... the "daddy is mad" voice.

They are each so different from each other. It amazes me how much 2 kids raised with the same parents and the same rules can be such opposites. It makes me so happy they each found ways to express themselves. Of course, me being the "question everything & raise hell" person I am, want my kids to do the same and boy do they!! They are both so curious about everything and not afraid to ask why things are the way they are. Why rules are this way or that way. Why certain things are considered "normal". I'm so proud of them.

Sure, they drive us crazy. Of course they do. They're kids. They are both so smart, so full of curiosity and energy. They have the spunk, sarcasm and sense of humor that both of their parents do. They also have their own unique qualities that make them different and special. They're my minions and I wouldn't change a thing about them.

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